CBI :energy

Changing how we live with energy

CBI :energy

Changing how we live with energy


A whole new world of Building Energy Management systems that turns your electrical network into your building's nervous system​

Managed Smart Metering​

Building Energy Management​

Granular, high resolution power metering and monitoring capability based on billing-grade meters that provide (at one minute intervals) telemetry on Nett Energy (kWh),  Import and Export Energy (Wh), Reactive Cumulative Energy (VARh), Real Power (W), Reactive Power (VA), RMS Voltage (V), RMS Current (A), Power Factor and Signal Strength (RSSI). Utility tariff information provides detail analytics on costs by site, meter groups or individual metered load.


A complete automation solution for managing electrical energy consumption and reducing direct costs of electricity, from granular, high resolution metering and power indication to remote load control with centrally managed rules and policies to switch loads up to 60A based on user configured events, schedules and logic. Utility tariff information is used to rate energy usage to provide detailed cost analytics by site, device groups and devices.

Flexible, fast, low-cost energy management system implementation

Load controllers can be fitted at the most convenient place:

  • distribution board
  • isolator 
  • individual plug points

Wireless connectivity, no rewiring, no chasing, no data cabling. User-definable rules and policies manage consumption from a central management system

Energy meters that tell you how much you used – but also where an when you used it

  • mounted at points of supply (utility, generator, solar or battery storage)
  • mounted in distribution boards 
  • rail-mounted near loads or strings of loads

Class 1 meters with full four-quadrant metering at one minute intervals for import and export, real and reactive power.

Fully managed service with advanced analytics and APIs

Smart Energy Management from :energy brings you all the benefits of modern Cloud-based software infrastructure, with real-world, real-time certainty of on premises sensor, actuator and system management hardware. 

  • Cloud and on-premises energy monitoring, automations management, telemetry visualisation and cost analytics
  • Minute-by-minute telemetry for real and reactive power, energy, voltage, current 
  • Instant automated switching of up to 60A loads
  • Class 1 connected smart meters (energy import and export)

Building Energy Management controller devices

Rail-mount controller
Plug controller
Isolator controller
CBI energy - Building Energy Management Solution Overview
Energy Manager (on-prem edge compute appliance)

Managed Metering systems

Single-phase, Class 1, four quadrant
Three-phase, Class 1, four quadrant

SANS 1799-certified Class 1 smart meters: better than 1% accuracy, measure energy import and export. Wi-Fi connected for low cost, flexible deployment with one-minute resolution telemetry direct-to-Cloud for visualisation via Customer Portal, rules and notifications. Or (at no extra charge) retrieve data via secure API.

Key Applications of Energy Management Systems

Business owners need to:

  • Automate control of their loads to reduce and manage consumption
  • Have detailed visibility into WHAT loads are consuming energy, WHEN and WHY
  • Turn electrical consumption telemetry into decision ready business information

Load Automation: 

  • Turn off inessential loads
  • Stagger-start heavy loads

Business Visibility:

  • Match activity in loads to business activity
  • Easily reconcile actual utilization to billing
  • Optimise utilisation time against tariff

Business Risk Management

  • Virtualise your load protection
  • Manage capacity to prevent business disruption caused by over-loads
  • Plan ahead effectively

Energy Management Solutions for a more sustainable future​

Our focus at CBI :energy is on automated load management, and business-centric energy management.

We need to change how the world consumes energy by changing how it is used, so we can use less from high-carbon, high-polluting sources, and more from renewables.

Our world is going through an unprecedented change in energy use: the combination of low cost alternative energy generation, effective energy storage, and automated load control and energy management… and with  technology that is designed around enabling and empowering energy trading platforms, turning those with self-generating capability into producers for others … the energy world will never be the same again.

Source: Poweroptimal 2021

We’ve all seen the graph of general inflation vs energy inflation. About 15 years ago the two lines diverged, it’s getting worse, not better.

The explosion in the cost of electricity is not just in South Africa, you’ll see similar patterns all over the world. In North America there is similar raging costs, and increasingly common power failures. The same in South America, Europe and Asia.

Globally the old model of a central state run utility supplied power is broken. Electricity has got expensive, and increasingly unreliable. New players are scrambling to sort it out.

Electricity used to be one of the minor business expenses, for most non-manufacturing companies, you held your nose and cut a cheque to Eskom. Now it’s become a massive business cost … for a midsize business of 200-300 staff, electricity can cost R100-R150,000 per month straight off the bottom line, escalating double digit each year.

Electricity for many sectors is now 20-30% of the cost of staying in business.

The benefits of granular consumption monitoring and automated load control are many …

Something as simple as turning the lights off when you leave at night. Not using power when you don’t need to. Stopping waste before it starts. Optimising your solar plant to reduce your carbon footprint and sweat the asset more fully.