Managed Smart Metering

CBI :energy’s Managed Smart Metering system reduces your electricity bills by making you and your building smarter, providing you with the real-time information you need to manage your operations better. A combination of connected smart meters, powerful software and advanced analytics transforms detailed, real-time data into decision-ready insights.

Solution Overview

The most capable, cost-effective and compact energy metering solution on the market today that provides both business and technical audiences with detailed visibility into their energy generation, usage and costs. Information is accessed via a variety of interfaces, dashboards and reporting capabilities, or get hold of your own live, detailed data via the open API to use existing management systems. 

Fast and easy installation: “Fit & Form” compact bulk energy meters can be deployed with minimal disruption to business operations; an easy retro-fit that needs no changes to electrical or building infrastructure.

Detailed billing-grade telemetry at one minute intervals: Power, Energy, Voltage, Current, Power Factor and Device Temperature, plus diagnostic metadata.

Standards compliant, quality hardware to monitor and meter up to 80A in-line  or use an external CT for larger loads (ratio configurable).

Highly resilient fully managed energy metering and monitoring solution specifically designed for medium to large commercial implementation with powerful Cloud-based management and monitoring dashboards. 

Receive notifications by email, SMS or push about generation and consumption activity via user-configured, centrally-managed rules, policies, dashboards and reports.

Detailed visibility on actual and potential energy and cost savings via an intelligent rating and billing system, with configurable business-focused benchmarks.

Wirelessly connected metering devices communicate via corporate or IoT-dedicated Wi-Fi network. 

Automatically generate source data and reports for the for ‘Green Certification’ such as building Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and ISO 50000 certification.

Data-driven decision making from detailed energy telemetry and analytics to change behaviour and drive sustainable energy efficiency and energy saving initiatives.

Metering Hardware

Billing-grade smart meters: compact, industrial grade, Class 1 automated smart metering

Full four-quadrant, better than 1% accuracy for metering of electricity generation and consumption at Points of Supply, sub-DBs and individual and groups of loads

Enterprise grade Wi-Fi connectivity for flexible, low-cost wireless deployment

Simple to integrate with your software systems through open API

SANS 1799 certified Class-1 electricity metering

Simple to install:

  • Single phase, three phase and 3-way stacked single phase
  • Fits any CBI mini rail and DIN rail distribution board
  • Seven-digit anti-tamper human-readable kWh counter
  • Anti-tamper terminal protection plugs
  • IP-45 rating, 57 mm (dual mount) and
    45 mm (DIN rail) escutcheon
Cloud Systems Overview

Secure, resilient data storage to industry best practices 

Cloud-based management of Devices and Sites with advanced visualisations 

Granular monitoring of points of supply, points of generation, sub-DBs and specific loads

Advanced cost analytics

Advanced energy analytics

Next-generation energy management capabilities

Key parameters measured and communicated to central monitoring system to proide real time data at one minute
intervals showing:

  • Nett Energy (kWh)
  • Import and Export Energy (Wh)
  • Reactive Cumulative Energy (VARh)
  • Real Power (W)
  • Reactive Power (VA)
  • RMS Voltage (V)
  • RMS Current (A)
  • Power Factor
  • Signal Strength (RSSI) 
Technical Specifications


Single Phase Class 1 Meter

Three Phase Class 1 Meter


1 + N
(option: up to 12 stacked poles)

3 + N

Nominal Voltage (Un)

120 / 240 V

Operational Voltage Range

80 – 285 V

Over Voltage Withstand

480 V (≤ 48 hr)

DC Voltage Withstand

1 kV (≤ 1 min)

Impulse Voltage Withstand

6 kV

ESD Withstand

15 kV

Operational Frequency Range

50 / 60 Hz

Maximum Rated Current (lmax)

80 A

Operational Current Range

0.015 – 125 A

LED Output Flash Rate

1000 impulse per kWh

Accuracy Class

Class 1 accuracy < 1%

Protection Class

Class 2 double insulated

Degree of Ingress Protection

IP45 when installed

Operating Temperature Range

-40 °C to +75 °C

Mounting Options

Dual mounting (DIN rail & mini rail)

Telemetry upload rate

1 minute interval

Conformity to Standards

SANS/IEC 62052-11
SANS/IEC 62053-21
SANS 1799

Ordering Information



Product Code

Single Phase Meter

Smart Ecolec Series-3 (Wi-Fi version) Single Phase


Three Phase Meter

Smart Ecolec Series-3 (Wi-Fi version) Three Phase