CBI :energy

Changing how we live with energy

CBI :energy

Changing how we live with energy

Connected smart energy metering, energy management and intelligent load control with advanced monitoring, automations and analytics


Improve Energy Security

Protect your generator or inverter from overload leading to supply trips by limiting the maximum demand on your electrical network.

Ensure your battery storage can keep supplying essential loads for as long as needed by intelligently disconnecting inessential consumers of power.

Know exactly what is happening with your electricity use minute by minute, day by day, month by month and even forecast your future needs to put into place smarter plans to keep your business going.


Reduce Business Costs

Reduce your monthly electricity costs by reducing waste, moving discretionary loads out of peak time-of-use tariff periods, and scheduling your electrical loads better.

Stop wasting money on Notified Maximum Demand penalties.

Automate your facility more to save time and effort in manual interventions.

Gather accurate, auditable data and analyse it in your way to save on administration and reduce your reporting burden.


  • Turn electrical loads on and off automatically with load control devices managed through intelligent rules
  • Flatten the load profile to reduce unwanted peaks
  • Reduce electricity wastage, reduce costs and penalties
  • Reduce the size and cost of storage and generation

CBI :energy‘s Energy Management solution is a powerful energy control and management system, developed to reduce electricity bills and manage business operations better with a payback period in months, low upfront cost and minimal disruption to the business. 

Get instant facilities management features and convenient automation capabilities, with key consumption and cost information at your fingertips, and advanced analytics to examine trends, forecast usage and create reports to allow you to easily comply with Environmental, Sustainability and Governance requirements.

Most importantly – :energy helps you reduce your electricity spend,reduce your carbon footprint and ensure that your generator or inverter is safe from being overloaded and tripping. 

To get started, drop us a line through the contact page and find out how we can put you back in control of your electrical energy environment. 

:energy‘s range of fit&form hardware devices (Wi-Fi connected load Controllers and Class-1 revenue grade Managed Smart Meters) are installed in the electrical network, gathering minute-by-minute granular and accurate utilisation data, and communicate back to a sophisticated energy management platform.

Connect and disconnect loads intelligently and instantly according to rules you set to reduce energy waste, reduce maximum demand on your points of supply, notify you of what’s going on and provide you with the ability to automate your environment. 

Who should be talking to us

Facility managers and operations staff needing automated, accurate collection of electricity usage and generation data, billing-grade metering, energy efficiency reporting compliance and faster response to power issues.
Business management at the site or a group head office who require detailed performance indicators on operational effectiveness and energy usage per operational site. Answering the ever so popular question “On what am I spending money?”
Owners and managing agents of multi-tenanted buildings requiring individual, granular and detailed electricity consumption or generation data for on-billing to tenants, or automated management of electricity consumption

Control key electrical circuits  remotely over a wireless network to manage your discretionary loads – minute-by-minute telemetry, turn a device on or off within a second

Rapidly deploy with minimal disruption to business operations by combining easy to  install, retro-fittable electrical hardware devices with a sophisticated software platform
Automate switching of loads based on user-configured rules using real-time data from the in-building electrical network
Get intelligent recommends on energy conservation interventions based on trends and smart rules, get auditable data for Energy Performance Certificates

Accurate calculation of total monthly cost savings though intelligent rating and billing system, reduce  consumption, time-of-use premiums and Maximum Demand penalties